EN NEW The Extension Clinic Deluxe Edition english strategy board game AVStudioGames

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The Extension, expansion for Clinic (Deluxe Edition) english board game, AVStudioGames, brand new.


The Extension is an expansion for Clinic (Deluxe Edition) board game for 1-4 players, 30-120 min, 14+ years. English, brand new.

Publisher: AVStudioGames. Strategy, city building, economic, medical, territory building, transportation, solitaire. Year release: 2019. Designer: Alban Viard.

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The brand newest CliniC: Deluxe Edition the Extension contains all expansions (at least 12 expansions) already released in the medical dossier #1, medical dossier #2 and medical dossier #3, with new rules, new components, new lay outs and new tiles with new graphics and illustrations from Ian O’Toole.

—description from the publisher

CliniC: The Extension is a boxed expansion which will include ALL expansions (at least 12) already released over the past 5 years. It introduces several new concepts and includes:

  • -the Amenities (cafeteria, dormitory) with the buses
  • -the Pharmacy and the Pill tiles
  • -the Hospice tiles
  • -the Elders tokens
  • -the Ambulance tiles
  • -the Expecting tokens
  • -the 4th floor new player board
  • -the Maintenance Shop tiles
  • -the Janitors pieces
  • -the Urban Design cards
  • -the Pillars tiles and tokens
  • -the Virus tiles and tokens
  • -the Satellite Dish tiles
  • -the Intensive Care Unit tile
  • -the Public Work tiles

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