EN NEW Rulebenders english board game Game Brewer

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Rulebenders, board game. Game Brewer, english, brand new.


Rulebenders is a board game for 2-5 players, 45-75 min, 10+ years. English, brand new.

Publisher: Game Brewer. Arabian, fantasy, pirates, prehistoric, science fiction, zombies. Release Year: 2021. Designers: Tom Vandeweyer.

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Embark on a fascinating adventure through multiple themes like pirates, sci-fi, fantasy, prehistoric, zombies and more in Rulebenders, a time-traveling game that twists the rules of the game (literally and figuratively) and will create a unique game experience every time you play!

In the game, players choose a number of themes out of the available six, changing the character of each round as the game progresses. Players fight for control over the different rules aspects of the game, bending the rules of the game to their advantage. You have to use your wits in this unique game where the rules change as you play.


Box content:

1 game board

300 game cards: 50 Flexo cards, 5 Setup cards, and 6 x 35 Theme cards

70 chips

60 exchange tokens

7 nuclear tokens

7 electron tokens

2 Captain’s Hook tokens

7 multiplier tokens

6 theme tokens

1 round marker

1 theme marker

5 rule panel markers

1 rulebenders die

35 evolution discs

5 player order discs

100 cubes

1 rulebook

Información adicional

Peso 1 kg
Dimensiones 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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