EN NEW Pulp Invasion english card board game Alban Viard Studio

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Pulp Invasion!, board game. Alban Viard Studio Games, english, brand new.

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Pulp Invasion! is a board game  for 1-2 players, 20-40 min, 12+ years. English, brand new.

Publisher: Alban Viard Studio Games. Card game, dice, exploration, science fiction, solitaire. Release Year: 2020. Designer: Todd Sanders.

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As a Free Captain of the Rim you roam the far reaches of space as a trader and mercenary. Secretly though you are an agent of the Intergalactic Council sent on a clandestine mission to explore planets infiltrated by three alien races known as The Cosmic Hegemony who plan to invade the peaceful worlds of Intergalactic Alliance.

Find all their world shattering Super Weapons, using your Combat Skills, Diplomacy, and Super Science, and stop them before it is too late!

Solo game with a 2 player PvP option (this option is in the X1 expansion).

The game uses a bag builder mechanic to add and remove dice from a bag. Cards are played to explore various sectors of space and 5 custom dice are used for combat situations.

Game components: 78 cards, 5 custom dice and 76 wooden cubes.

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Dimensiones 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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