EN NEW Panoceania Collection Pack expansion Infinity CodeOne english miniature wargame Corvus Belli

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Panoceania Collection Pack, expansion pack for Infinity CodeOne wargame. Corvus Belli, english, brand new.


Panoceania Collection Pack is a miniature expansion pack for Infinity: CodeOne board game, for 2 players, 60 min lenght, 14+ y.o. English, brand new.

Publisher: Corvus Belli. Wargame, fighting, miniatures, science-fiction. Designer: Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez.

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This box includes the 26 miniatures that make up the entire CodeOne range of the PanOceania army, as well as the CodeOne rules booklet. This box is the perfect way to get the entire collection of the great hyperpower of the Human Sphere.

This product is not a toy.  Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger. The miniatures included in our products are supplied without paint and non-assembled. Actual components may vary from those shown.

Box contains:

From Operation Kaldstrom:

  • 3x Fusilier
  • 1x Nøkk
  • 1x Infirmarer
  • 1x Orc
  • 1x Knight Of Justice

From Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack:

  • 1x Locust
  • 1x Varg
  • 1x Bøyg

From Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation:

  • 1x Gunnar
  • 1x Yu Jing ambassador.

From PanOceania Support Pack:

  • 1x Machinist
  • 1x Trauma-doc
  • 2x Palbot

From Dronbot Remotes Pack:

  • 2x Dronbot Remotes

From Cutters (TAG):

  • 1x Cutter

From PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha:

  • 1x Akal Commando
  • 1x Swiss Guard
  • 1x Croc Man

From PanOceania Booster Pack Beta:

  • 1x Kamau Hacker
  • 1x Aquila
  • 1x Nisse

From Kunai Solutions Ninjas:

  • 1x Kunai Ninja Forward Deployment

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