EN NEW Objective Card Set 1 expansion Batman Miniature Game english board game Knight Models

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Objective Card Ser #1, expansion for Batman Miniature Game board game. Knight Models, english, brand new.


Objective Card Set #1 es una expansión del juego de mesa Batman Miniature Game para 2 jugadores, 60 min duración, 12+ años. En inglés, nuevo a estrenar.

Editorial Knight Models. Comic, lucha, miniaturas, dados, película, videojuego. Año de primera publicación: 2012. Creadores: Francisco Conde, Gustavo Adolfo Cuadrado, Luis Escudero Morán.

Hacemos envíos, se puede recoger en Colmenar Viejo (Madrid).

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The Objective Card Set #1 brings your favourite crews’ Batman Miniature Game Objective Decks together in one box!

Inside you will find all the Objective Cards of the following crews:

Soldiers of Fortune

  • 1x Reinforce [Bird]
  • 1x Deathmatch [Deathstroke (The Terminator)]
  • 1x This Ends Tonight [Arkham Knight]
  • 1x A City In Fear [Scarecrow]
  • 3x Search & Destroy
  • 2x Hardpoint
  • 2x Ground War
  • 3x Invasion
  • 3x Domination
  • 2x Free-For-All
  • 2x Black Ops
  • 2x Global Offensive
  • 1x Cyber Attack
  • 1x Osito [Bane]


  • 2x The Riddle Of The Night
  • 2x Riddle Me Softly
  • 3x Riddle Me That
  • 3x Riddle Me This
  • 3x Riddle Of Nowhere
  • 3x Riddles On The Storm
  • 2x Easy Riddle
  • 2x Your Activate The Riddle
  • 2x Riddles Everywhere [Riddler]
  • 1x Divertion Tactic [Quelle]
  • 1x Query And Echo [Query]
  • 1x Echo And Query [Echo]
  • 1x Riddler Special Card

Organized Crime

  • 3x Pinched Mobster
  • 3x Spring Cleaning
  • 3x Recovering The Juice
  • 3x Paying Tribute
  • 2x Message Job
  • 2x Killing The Rat
  • 2x The Program
  • 2x Shakedown
  • 1x The Don [Carmine Falcone]
  • 1x Uncontrolled Brutality [Maroni]
  • 1x The True Boss [The Ventriloquist]
  • 2x Pain And Money [Black Mask]
  • 1x Organized Crime Special Card


  • 2x Sacrifice
  • 3x Ritual
  • 2x New Followers
  • 2x Can Be Anyone
  • 2x Full Devotion
  • 3x Kobra – Awakening
  • 3x Kobra – Sabotage
  • 3x Kobra – The Great Plan
  • 1x Kobra Viral Bomb [Jeffrey Franklin Burr]
  • 1x Strict Control [Lady Eve]
  • 1x Cults Special Card

The Penguin

  • 3x Smuggled Goods
  • 3x Territory Fight
  • 3x This Is Mine!
  • 3x Not Buying? Don’t Touch!
  • 2x Profitable Negotiation
  • 2x Secret Equipment Bases
  • 2x Goods Raid
  • 2x Everyone Has A Price
  • 1x My House, My Rules [The Penguin]
  • 1x Endless Greed [Emperor Penguin]
  • 1x Street Transaction [Loose Lips]
  • 1x Penguin Special Card

League of Assassins

  • 1x Lord Of The Pits [Ra’s Al Ghul]
  • 1x Master’s Duel [Lady Shiva]
  • 1x Yours To Command [Ubu]
  • 3x Eradicate The Order
  • 3x Under Their Noses
  • 3x Do Not Deviate From The Plan
  • 3x From The Shadows
  • 1x Blood For Blood
  • 1x Lazarus Pit
  • 2x We Cannot Be Defeated
  • 1x The Fire Rises
  • 3x Multiple Threats
  • 1x Daughter Of The Demon [Talia Al Ghul]
  • 1x My Life For The League [The Heretic]
  • 3x Mortal Wound [Cheshire]

Birds of Prey

  • 1x Regrowth [Poison Ivy]
  • 1x Feed Me [Frank The Plant]
  • 1x Katakiuchi [Katana]
  • 1x Netmaster [Oracle]
  • 3x In Position
  • 3x Tough Girls
  • 3x No Protection Needed
  • 3x The Nest
  • 3x Pretty Birds
  • 1x Aerie Two
  • 2x I Work Best Alone
  • 2x Sisters In Arms
  • 1x Emancipation [Harley Quinn]
  • 1x Cover Your Ears [Black Canary]
  • 1x Vendetta [Huntress]
  • 1x Birds Of Prey Special Card

The Court of Owls

  • 3x The Court’s Secure Bases
  • 3x Talon’s Claw
  • 3x Terrible Accident
  • 3x An Owl’s Tale
  • 2x The Shadow Claw
  • 2x Gotham Is Ours
  • 2x Owl’s Night
  • 2x The Owls Labyrinth
  • 1x Plots Behind Plots [Lincoln March]
  • 1x The Court’s Edict [The Court]
  • 1x The Mission [William Cobb]
  • 1x Escape Plan [Calvin Rose]
  • 1x The Court Of Owls Special Card


  • 1x Justice [Two-Face]
  • 3x Kill Them Twice
  • 3x Two Make This Better
  • 3x The Gamble
  • 3x Heads Or Heads
  • 2x The Balance Of Justice
  • 2x Time Bomb
  • 2x Closing Argument
  • 2x Two Faces Of The Coin
  • 1x Not So Much Sugar [Sugar]
  • 1x Spice It A Little [Spice]
  • 1x Master Of Manipulation [Hush]
  • 1x The Coin – Good Side
  • 1x The Coin – Twisted Side

Plus a set of Generic and Character Objective Cards

  • 1x Valuable Commodities
  • 1x Catch A Bullet
  • 1x Call An Ambulance!
  • 3x Dirty Job
  • 1x They Must Know Pain
  • 1x Confusion
  • 1x I’m Feeling… Weird
  • 3x Stick To The Plan
  • 1x Overdrive
  • 3x Flanking
  • 3x Disturbance
  • 3x Stake Your Claim
  • 1x Die Hard
  • 3x Corrupted [The Batman Who Laughs]
  • 3x Apex Predator [The Batman Who Laughs]
  • 1x A Cat Has Its Needs [Catwoman]
  • 1x Moth Signal [Killer Moth]
  • 1x Overwhelming Charisma [Kite-Man]
  • 1x Time Master [Clock King]
  • 1x Cold As Death [Gentleman Ghost]
  • 1x Calendar Crimes [Calendar Man]
  • 1x Sauce And Pickles [Condiment King]

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