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Monolith Arena, board game. Portal Games, english, brand new.


Monolith Arena is a board game  for 2-4 players, 30-45 min, 10+ years. English, brand new.

Publisher: Portal Games. Strategy, fantasy, fighting. Release Year: 2018. Designer: Michał Oracz.

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Wage war against opponents on a hexagonal board. Prepare your armies to face off on the battlefield and surprise your enemy with your choice of special abilities!

Monolith Arena is a fantasy battleground board game built around the base engine of Neuroshima Hex, which is also from designer Michał Oracz. The game includes four factions, with unique abilities and units! Each player has a monolith that serves as their headquarters, and each player seeds their monolith with three tokens that provide special abilities. When an opponent damages your monolith, you remove the top layer to expose the first token, gaining its special ability, so being attacked can actually make you stronger — albeit while still moving you toward defeat…

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