EN ICE MERP Assassins of Dol Amroth 1987 Middle Earth rpg supplement book # 8106 Iron Crown oop

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Assassins of Dol Amroth

ICE MERP RPG supplement book
Suplemento en inglés del juego de rol MERP, ICE

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Título: Assassins of Dol Amroth (Los Asesino de Dol Amroth)
Juego: MERP (El Señor de los Anillos – Tierra Media)
Idioma: Inglés
Año de publicación: 1987
Editorial: Iron Crown Enterprises
Código: 8106
Páginas: 32
Tipo: Libro de rol de tapa blanda. 2 grapas.
Estado: Señales de uso. Sin páginas sueltas. Sin anotaciones. Descatalogado. Raro.
Descripción: Este libro fue editado en español por Joc Internacional.

#### ENGLISH ####

Title: Assassins of Dol Amroth
Game: MERP (Middle-Earth roleplaying)
Language: English
Release Year: 1987
Editorial: Iron Crown Enterprises
Code: 8106
Pages: 32
Type: Softcover RPG book. 2 staples.
Condition: Used. Binding is sound. Out of print. Rare.
Description: Three low-to-mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes.

A knight of great renown is slain on the quays of Dol Amroth before your eyes. His attacker, a tall man cloaked in grey, flees into the abandoned warehouse at his back. Are you bold enough to avenge the Murder on the Docks?

Mysterious, grey-cloaked bandits chase you through country lanes to the gates of a deserted manor house. But is it deserted? A ghostly warrior with a pack of hounds and an ancient saber paces the cobwebbed halls. Can you survive the dangers of A Home by the Sea?

A raid on Dol Amroth’s Castle Quarter costs a titled courtier his life – despite two strong bodyguards. The city’s nobles want the killers in grey captured and brought to justice. Will you brave their stronghold upon the eerie Hill of Shades?

Death lurks in every shadow, but fame and fortune follow peril in these 3 exciting adventures!

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