EN NEW Hyle 7 english strategy game Franjos

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Hyle 7, board game english, Franjos, brand new.


Hyle 7, is a board game for 2 players, 45 min, 10+ years. English, brand new.

Publisher: Franjos. Strategy, abstract. Year release: 1979. Designer: Eric Solomon.

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Hyle (or Entropy) is played on a board with 5×5 spaces. During each round one player (Chaos) randomly draws and places colored wooden disks on a vinyl/cloth map. After a disk is placed, the other player (Order) may move any disk on the grid horizontally or vertically in order to form palindromes (sequences of colors that run the same forward as backward, for example, red/blue/yellow/blue/red).

The game is played over two rounds (so that each player assumes each role once) and points are awarded to Order equal to the length of the palindromes formed: blue/blue=2 points, blue/red/blue=3 points, etc. (Note that blue/blue/blue is worth 7 points because it contains two 2-point palindromes and one 3-point palindrome.)

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