EN NEW Dark Souls GM Screen english rpg Steamforged

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Dark Souls GM Screen. Steamforged Games, english, brand new.


GM Screen is a supplement for Dark Souls rpg, English, brand new.

Publisher: Steamforged Games.

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Adventurers in Lothric are beset on all sides by unspeakable horrors.

Those who survive their close-run encounters with hulking knights, deranged Hollows, and twisted creatures of the Abyss with some vestige of sanity intact will need all the help they can get.

That’s where you come in.

Support your players through their many trials and tribulations in Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game with this 3 panel, matte laminate GM Screen (reaching over 60cm in width when fully unfolded!). Equipped with key rules, reference tables, and other useful aids in an easy-to-reach format, this screen will help you induct players into the punishing but rewarding world of the tabletop Dark Souls™ RPG. The side your players will see is decorated with lavish illustrations from the Dark Souls™ universe.

This pack also contains a 24 page adventure book, ‘What Remains in the Fire’, an introductory one-shot adventure perfect for new and experienced players.

Shine a guiding light onto your players’ dark adventures with this indispensable GM aid, playable with your copy of the Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game standalone core book, sold separately.

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