Return Policy


A purchased item may be returned for the following reasons:

- The item received does not correspond to the description.
- It is incomplete.
- It has defects or breaks, which were not indicated in the description in the case of used items.

In these cases, you will have 14 days to request the return of the item from the date of delivery. If necessary, Ugi Games & Toys will organize the collection by courier service where indicated (address, place of work, etc.). Alternatively, a discount can be agreed or an exchange can be made for an item of the same or similar characteristics.

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the date of delivery. In this case, 100% of the amount of the item will be refunded, the buyer being responsible for the item returning to our facilities, either by tracking shipment or by bringing it personally. Only in case of brand new items.

In the event that you want to return an item that does not meet the aforementioned requirements, it may also be done, upon request within 14 days from delivery, with the following conditions:

The buyer must pay the costs of the return or bring the item to our facilities. The non-collection of the item by the buyer is not considered a return.
A voucher will be given for 90% of the value of the returned item and with a validity period of 6 months, to use it in the online store.

If an item that has been purchased sealed is returned, complete, but without the seal , the refund will be 50% of the value of the product. If it is damaged or incomplete, it will be assessed in each case whether any type of refund is appropriate or not.